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  • What is Visual Documentation? A visual document communicates primarily through images or the interaction of image and text. Just as writers choose their words and organize their thoughts based on any number of rhetorical considerations, the author of such visual documents thinks no differently. Motion media, still photography, and audio recording of technical and nontechnical events while they occur, usually not controlled by the recording crew. Visual information documentation encompasses a mobile Camera, operational documentation, and technical documentation. Visual Documentation Services Tell your story through our visual documentation services. #GFDI trained photojournalist  and videographers are  here to capture your every movement. See yourself as the world sees you. Fabulous! Powerful! Commanding! We act as your Personal Paparazzi with one objective, to tell your story through your eyes. Photo Slideshow featuring clients MBK Media  & the Empire Board of Realtists For Hire Documentation Services #ATL and surrounding areas.


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