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Questioning Happiness

Are you Happy?

by: Rashidah Armbrister for GFDI

Some people are born and have the innate ability to do certain things; while others have to learn in order to hone in on certain skills .  As a child, I found comfort in entertaining my siblings. As I got older I attempted to organize friends and family to be a part of my efforts by directing plays, school events, talk show & open-mic events. That was in the 1980’s.

Now, some twenty plus years later, I own a small new media network based in Atlanta, GA –  which ironically supports the growth and efforts of independent content producers.  Yes, I attended college and got a formal education in the field of communication.  However, I was not always ecstatic about my career.

I recently read an article titled “the 10 Happiest Jobs In America” written by an AOL Jobs Contributor (you may consider giving credit to the actual writer of the piece..not necessary, but a nice thing to do. The article spoke mainly about the satisfaction that employees derive from their perceived control and relationship with the social  operation of the profession (this is a little abiguious)

According to Heidi Golledge, CEO of CareerBliss, although “salary is always an important component of every job the research shows that money is not enough to keep good employees happy. From the employer’s perspective, realizing salary is not one of the key drivers of workplace happiness can help employers focus on the areas which will drive job satisfaction to create a happier environment for all.” These key drivers break down into three main criteria:

  1. The specific tasks their job entails on a day-to-day basis
  2. How much control they have over his or her daily tasks
  3. Their relationships with co-workers and customers, including supervisors and colleagues (co-workers and colleagues ring the same to me, so consider leaving one of them out.)

Interestingly enough, I don’t think that I have ever had a job that I disliked. I however,  am at my best professionally when my work has purpose. My joy is directly connected to the satisfaction I get from my clients’ reactions to product, content and/or results.

In 2004  James Montier, behavioural psychologist out of London,   did a study on the psychology of happiness. In the published report, the two things that stuck out for me, as it related to the work force were: 1). Don’t equate happiness with money; and 2). Seek work that engages your skills, and look to enjoy your job.  (this actually sounds like 3 things.  Should it be??

In all of the studies and articles that I have come across relating to the topic of happiness, there is one commonality. The idea of control.  Ego if you will, being the best at what you do and controlling the positive outcome of that action.  No one wants to work in an environment where he/she has no say  and their input falls on deaf ears.  True happiness comes from a selfish place. Meeting that one human need: to prove yourself.

So the question at hand is, ‘Are you in control’?   If so, then, have you achieved happiness,  and to what degree? Based on the psychology of human nature, it is my belief that we become complacent rather than happy. Granted, complacency to some degree, is needed in order to achieve communal success. If you have yet to find your happiness in life, I suggest you contact the KingStreets Management Group and visually map out your journey to happiness.

Again, some people are born with certain gifts, and have the innate ability to do certain things; while others have to learn in order to hone in on certain skills and talent.  Ask yourself today… Are you happy?


About Africa Allah @DIRadioCast

co-founder of DistinctiveImpression MMG LLC, and has been the General Manager of DIRadioCast New Media Network since 2006. A Bahamian national, Africa Allah is dedicated to servicing the needs of the people through creative services and new media innovations. These services have helped companies catapult their performance and leverage top placement on the internet. DIRadioCast New Media Network Specializing in new media distribution, multimedia production relating to content management and viral marketing serviced via our New Media Network. Collectively #DINMN has been developed to support the growth of independent artists, content producers & small businesses globally. View http://DIRadioCast.com for details Purchase Services Here


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