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The Event

Viral Movements held  Saturday, February 5, 2011 was birth from the production of the
Music Momentum “MuMo” Summit weekend in Nassau, Bahamas 

a CariFringe event, hosted by Bahamian singer, songwriter and media personality Tada in Fall of 2010. Viral Movements Music Seminar aka  #ViralMovements was created as simplified, cost effective educational solution for the growing  Bahamian music industry. The goal was to utilize  distance learning software and other web based applications to execute training, while establish the value of viral marketing.
The main objective was  to facilitate the growth of a viable music industry in the Bahamas and export that product internationally. After the event the audience had a clear understanding of professional opportunities available in the music industry, laws regarding royalties and copyright as well as how to create, promote and manage a brand/image and put a commercial project together for sale/distribution as an Indie artist all from the comfort of their homes. Many attendees have since profited from the event by securing slots on US & international projects, as well as traveling and performing in outside of the Bahamas.

#GFDI’s Role

GAMFace Media | DIRadioCast.com initially conceptualized the project after being approached by Bahamian sound engineer 

Sophia Lightbourne aka Lioness, about  executing a similar project in Freeport, Grand Bahama. As a US based company our role was to manage the technology and secure the international panelist.  Collectively we drafted a Bahamian dream team to assist with the planning and marketing of the the event whom are now referred to as the #Platium7 on various social networking sites. Three of the seven team members in addition to  GAMFace  and Africa Allah  have programs running on the #GFDI network.

The Lioness Den Vol1_01ArtOVation w/ Tada Syndicated | DS3 Listening Lounge (TBA)

Photographer  ScharadL Testimony

My experience with Viral Movements was more than what I initially expected. Personally my initial excitement came from being involved in the first place. Then, knowing I would meet a lot of industry people, local and abroad was another plus for me. Being involved allowed me to see the inner workings of what social media does for any brand, learn more about how other entertainment


industries work as well as getting some good face time in with people in my circle, I would not normally get the opportunity to talk to; time that they charge for. This was extremely valuable to me.
The technology aspect of the VM Seminar blew my mind, from conferencing with people around the US, to people tweeting and being able to see the tweets in real time at the conference on one gigantic screen was amazing. Being able to answer questions from persons live or over the internet was a plus too, the entire use of technology was used at the VM Seminar and being self employed with a visual brand, I learned even more ways to get myself out there.

People were attentive, informed and educated through the most creative outlets and thats what my brand is about.
– www.scharadl.com

Tada Gives Her VM Review

Viral Movements was much more than I think ANYONE in attendance could have imagined or hoped for. Scenic Freeport, Bahamas was the ideal destination for such a refreshing, informative, fellow-ship heavy event.
The organizing team did an outstanding job of pre-production and promotion, while media partners such as The Bahamas Weekly engaged 100% at the actual seminar! I am proud that Lioness had this notion to host Viral Movements after MuMo 2010, Nassau. We look forward to a long-standing affiliation between these two very important entertainment industry destination events.
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About Africa Allah @DIRadioCast

co-founder of DistinctiveImpression MMG LLC, and has been the General Manager of DIRadioCast New Media Network since 2006. A Bahamian national, Africa Allah is dedicated to servicing the needs of the people through creative services and new media innovations. These services have helped companies catapult their performance and leverage top placement on the internet. DIRadioCast New Media Network Specializing in new media distribution, multimedia production relating to content management and viral marketing serviced via our New Media Network. Collectively #DINMN has been developed to support the growth of independent artists, content producers & small businesses globally. View http://DIRadioCast.com for details Purchase Services Here

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