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Performance Marketing

I am not by far a web designer. I am, however,  a multimedia professional, that understands design theory  and  knows basic html  coding. My previous job as a Creative Director for OnSite Advertising an out of home signage company forced me to learn coding so I could effective communicate with my staff.

In 2007 we where challenged with the task of creating a central portal for our content as we began to grow our brand and audience. The decision to build it ourselves came out of the necessity and available resources.

The goal was to establish a product that feed the podcast through a continuous player.  The initial resolve was fine until we began to expand and people want more information. More information meant more coding. Coding which I was unable to accommodate.

I began researching  forums, self help guides and networking with developers. It got interesting! It seemed there was so much more to this  website building than met the eye. That was almost five years ago. Granted, I’m still not a web designer but I now understand what makes a website functional, effective and  searchable.

At the end of the day I want people to come our site  listen to, view or read our content so that we can then in exchange offer content producer a platform to market their talents.

Internet marketing is replete with buzzwords, fads and trends. Many of them have been simply invented either to generate hype or to facilitate new income streams for those who invent them. Occasionally, an age-old concept from traditional offline marketing is subtly reincarnated and beaten to death only to be followed by another marketing concept designed to trigger buzz. Online performance marketing may or may not fall in this category. However, it just might be worth taking a look since it is related directly to the quality and nature of customer service that you provide your customers, prospects and site visitors—all of which are critical contributing factors to get website traffic on your site. This brief overview of online performance marketing is simply designed to acquaint you to its presence. Internet resources on online performance marketing abound if you find that we have indeed peaked your curiosity. Implementation of performance marketing metrics means more robust revenue models thus generating new streams of qualified website traffic, especially of the repeat category.

The success of an online business depends entirely on effective marketing. With the keen global competition which companies have to face today, a set of effective metrics is required and certainly called for to win an edge over your competitors. Online performance marketing is a potent tool for online businesses with a vision to grow and to conquer new territories with a view to capturing not just market share, but also website traffic from sources and avenues hitherto unexplored. Broadly defined, online performance marketing is designed to increase the quantum of your Internet business by directly enhancing the operational efficiency of not just your employees but also your service providers who come directly in contact with your online customers. Here is how you can get new avenues of website traffic on your site by implementing a few basic measures that belong to the realm of online performance marketing:

Check the response rate of your online Customers

Like me, if you too can’t afford to hire a market research firm to survey the satisfaction levels of your customers, use a free survey tool such as google doc’s forms which can be used  to design customer satisfaction surveys. Merely conducting a survey isn’t enough—you should review the survey results and implement the recommendations they will generate so that you not only receive new website traffic but also find yourself drowning in repeat business—a surely welcome scenario!

Managing Brand Equity

If your website markets products or services, you will feel the need to check to see if your brands are delivering as per the promise. Claims need to be authenticated constantly in order to reduce customer complaints and build brand loyalty.

The Three types of Metrics to Monitor to Increase Website Traffic

Executive metric
This metric analyzes the cost of various programs or projects your company’s management team decides to undertake each quarter or year. It helps your organization to determine its future course of action and formulate a viable strategic plan.

Program Metric
This metric enables your organization to experiment with various methods and compare its costs and results. This gives it a chance to adopt the most profitable and beneficial methods to achieve your goals. When implemented judiciously, website traffic goes up, revenues soar and customer satisfaction levels sky rocket.

Brand Metric
As indicated above, this metric aims at analyzing the attitude of your customers and site visitors toward the products and services you provide on your website. An excellent way to implement this metric is by implementing a live chat solution on your website. Live chat service on a website is known not only to help you get website traffic in droves through improved customer satisfaction levels, it tends to provide a paper trail through chat transcripts which you can review to locate potential pitfalls within your online performance matrices.


About Africa Allah @DIRadioCast

co-founder of DistinctiveImpression MMG LLC, and has been the General Manager of DIRadioCast New Media Network since 2006. A Bahamian national, Africa Allah is dedicated to servicing the needs of the people through creative services and new media innovations. These services have helped companies catapult their performance and leverage top placement on the internet. DIRadioCast New Media Network Specializing in new media distribution, multimedia production relating to content management and viral marketing serviced via our New Media Network. Collectively #DINMN has been developed to support the growth of independent artists, content producers & small businesses globally. View http://DIRadioCast.com for details Purchase Services Here



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