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Editorial: Stop the Violence

When the word broke that Mantae “MBone” Talbert of the Cali Swag District (“Teach Me How to Dougie“) was murdered, I was very saddened. In my mind, I’m thinking that this is just a random act of violence, maybe the person who killed him was robbing him. As more details were released, my emotions went from being sad to being angry. Angry because this young man was only 22 years old. Angry because this man (allegedly) lost his life over an exchange of words on Twitter about a female. When did it become okay to take someone’s life over some words that are typed over the internet? So many of our youth are losing their lives over the most silly things. You have people in high school, even in junior high school fighting and/or killing each other over such things as clothes, cars, jewelry, women, text messages, and social networking beef. Not that it being a random act would make it any better, but what’s the sense in taking someone’s life because they’re dating a woman who you want to date or have feelings for? Do you think that’s going to make her want to be with you? Do you think that will make you more appealing in her eyes? Do you think that shooting someone & taking their car or shoes or jewelry will change the fact that you still did something utterly senseless & inexcusable? All of this has to stop. Not only for ourselves, but for the youth of the next generation. It’s never okay, it’s not right, but it does exist. We have to start setting new standards for the youth & young adults of this generation. Because at the rate that things are going, it will only get worse. Everyone can play a part in making a difference in decreasing the violence amongst the youth & in the community. But it’s a choice. You can create after school programs, weekly community activities, weekend programs, & so much more. My condolences go out to MBone’s family & friends. Because he was not only a member of the Cali Swag District, he was a brother, a son, a grandson, a cousin, & a friend.



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