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Lefleur Leflah Eshkoshka


Longtime #GFDI Supporter BabyPaul  Speaks

Hello, everyone.
thank you for your time in reading this.
I just found out that 1 of my songs from earlier in my career made the recent issue of XXL Mag’s “Best 250 songs of the 90’s Decade” list.
the song that was acknowledged was the Fab 5 classic, “Lefleur Leflah Eshkoshka” by Heltak Skeltah & OGC.
released in 1996 on Duck Down/Priority recs, it was a radio hit that I am thankful for during it’s time, & a timless peice of work to this day.
it’s funny, how I still find 100’s of thousands of youtube hits from this song & video, live performances by the song’s artists all over the world.
I always have & still do critique this song despite it’s critical acclaim as a “CLASSIC” for many reasons:
a. I was never happy with the song’s mix, the drums were not tweaked properly as I had envisioned it when recording.
b. I hated the song title, it sounds like a freak language- (it was named by Ruck of Heltah Skeltah now known to the world as Sean Price.)
however despite it all this song is 1 of my most acclaimed works, so for that I thank everyone who acknowledged & supported it.
I thank my alma mater- Da Beatminerz where my career started, & in particular Dj Evil Dee for helping to break the song on NYC’s Hot-97 radio.
I am sending this email to my dearest friends, industry associates, & family to say it’s moments like this I feel appreciated for all my hard work.
I will continue to strive to deliver the best work possible in my career, until the day I choose to retire.
I just want to say THANK YOU.
I am HUMBLED by the acknowledgement.
Feel free to pick up a copy of the latest XXL Mag in stores now, & check out ya BOY!!
stay tuned for more to come from yours truly, BpZy!!
D.O.E. 4 LIFE!!!!!!

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