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Album Review: SosaMan Major “Dreamland”

It’s not too often that I can sit through a whole album/CD of songs & not skip. That hasn’t happened too often in the recent years.

Lately, I am amazed to find that so much great music exists & goes unnoticed. Which is the case with SosaMan Major. His album “Dreamland” is truly a work of art. It’s a mixture of hip hop, reggae, with a little rock & pop thrown in. It sounds a little cluttered & all over the place, but the way it meshes together & blends so well is truly amazing.

It’s like a little treat for your ears, to pull you away from all the monotony & calamity that is the music industry right now. Just the other day, I was tweeting about how no one makes music to ride to anymore. I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for in this album.

To purchase SosaMan Major’s “Dreamland”  visit the iTunes Store – http://bit.ly/dreamlandSOSA.



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