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World Star Hip Hop vs. Vlad TV

When this idea was first given to me, I was somewhere in the middle about it. Immediately upon seeing the Worldstarhiphop vs Vald Tvname WORLD STAR HIP HOP, I cringed. Because as bloggers, we all know that, well, they are very notorious for nonsense. As I was doing research, I was a little surprised at some of the stuff that I came across on the website. It was pretty interesting to see that they actually have some really good videos on there.

While there are lots of videos from unsigned, underground, & local artists, they also have lots of music videos from many mainstream artists as well. However with no clear format & lack of a layout, World Star makes it difficult to pick out the music videos. In going through most of the vids, I realized that World Star is more of the equivalent for YouTube than it is a blog or trusted music news. A lot of the videos posted are viral. From the hilarious & funny, to ridiculous & just down right absurd, World Star is more of an entertainment source than it is a trusted source for music & entertainment news. Less stories, all videos. World Star has some similarities to Vlad TV, but not very many.

Vlad Tv vs World star hip-hop Although Vlad TV does have random videos strictly for entertainment purposes, it has more of a specific format & a clean layout. Vlad TV has a section specifically for random videos. Most of the videos on the front page of their website are interviews from some of today’s hottest artists on the rise. There are different sections for twitpics, random videos, user submitted videos, & funny videos. And there’s also a section for unsigned and/or underground artists as well. As for World Star, they have the music videos mixed in with the random & funny videos. Vlad TV also has a section for sports, MMA, & boxing.

Vlad TV has so much more to offer for the person that wants to see a video or read a story on something specific. If it’s news that you seek, your best choice would be Vlad TV. If you seek to watch something funny, the latest viral video, or just some new music videos, then World Star is your source. There’s something for everyone on both websites. It’s all in what you seek as to which website you choose.



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