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My Thoughts: Beyonce “4”

First things first: let me start this article by saying I am in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM trying to bash Beyonce Knowles. So all you Bey fans, stans, & obsessors, please don’t read more into it than what is there. Now getting to the topic at hand…..Yet another win for Beyonce

I’ve never really been a big Beyonce fan. I did, however, purchase her last two albums. Simply because it’s good music. And I love good music. And she makes some really good music. This album, however, I had no inclination, nor any interest to buy. So, when a co-worker at work offered for me to listen to the album (which she downloaded for free), I decided to listen for myself to what everyone has been saying is not a good album. After listening, I must agree. This is possibly the worst album Beyonce could make in her career. I’m truly upset at the lack of creativity, time, effort, & planning that went into this album. Not as a critique (because I’m not an expert), but as a music lover.

One thing that led me to not want to purchase this album was the lead single “Girls (Who Run the World)”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for woman empowerment. Come on though…… Really? Do women really need a song to tell them they run the world? I know I don’t. There was nothing creative or artistic about it either. The next thing was there were too many singles out at one time. She usually will work one single until the release of the album. Then once the album comes out, she’ll release another maybe 2 or three. This time around, she had 3 singles out before the album was even released. Unless they were leaked, that’s just too much Bey in my opinion. And it’s too much for someone who isn’t really a fan.That’s sensory overload. It’s like being forced to eat your vegetables as a kid. You’ll sit there until your mom will tells you to get up from the table, or she makes you sit there until you eat them all.

As a whole, the album itself just seems so unorganized, all over the place, unplanned, & thrown together. And compared to “B’Day” and “I Am… Sasha Fierce”, there’s no variety at all. Someone pointed out to me that because she’s in a different place, that she’s making music for the artistry & not for popularity. And that could be true. We understand that you’re in love with Jay-Z, & you want to express that in song. In the same respect, you’ve just totally abandoned an audience that, like myself, aren’t really big fans but love & respect the music that you make. Let’s overlook the fact that you are still prancing & dancing around in your leotards, coochie-popping, & calling it “woman empowerment”. Let’s also overlook the fact that your vocals aren’t that great either. The fact that you have a fan base of (figuratively speaking) 4 million does not give Beyonce, or ANY ARTIST for that matter, the right to be artistically & creatively lazy. It also doesn’t give them the right to make sub par music. What about your fans? Or what about the fans that you could’ve gained?

In conclusion, I feel like she could have put way more effort, thought, & time into this album. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I am always a fan first. And as a fan, I know in my heart of hearts that Beyonce is way better… no… MUCH GREATER than this album. And her past albums prove that. So my opinion isn’t based on whether I’m a fan or not. It’s based on her previous singles & albums as a collective. But remember: This is just my opinion.



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